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...Regarding IR35 & HMRCs CEST Tool - common mistakes...

Posted on 3/02/2021 by Anthony Jackson

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A contact of mine just put up a post regarding IR35 & HMRCs CEST Tool ( I wanted to share my reply to highlight a couple of misconceptions I think many Contractors may have about determining IR35 status - so...

1. From 6th April 2021 it will be a legal requirement for Clients booking a Contractor directly or via an Agency to
decide the IR35 status of a role by producing a Status Determination Statement - the Contractor has NO input into the decision making process.
2. Working from home or remotely does not put you outside IR35, IR35 status is determined by a number of factors and remote working is not one of the game changers.
I am finding that many Contractors who use the CEST Tool to run a test determination are assuming certain things which in practice turn out not to be true & are therefore answering questions incorrectly. I would welcome a look at any status received after using the CEST Tool & the opportunity to work through it with you.
Our easy to follow IR35 page featuring the video from our Expert hosted IR35 evening can be found here:
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