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Posted on 23/12/2019 by Julia Jackson

10 Year Anniversary 01

So, 2019 marked our 10 year Anniversary!! Something we are very proud of. We thought we’d share with you some of the company stats...

June 2009 – company was set up in the depths of the recession, Julia Jackson working all hours from her dining room with only a laptop and Blackberry phone.

August 2009 – already 20 happy freelancers out working via Union Jackson at some diverse & amazing companies.

September 2011 – Anthony Jackson joins the business and creates a much needed and necessary back office system and all the while discovers a hidden talent for accountancy and colourful spreadsheets.

6 busy, happy years, successfully working from home as a two man band, wearing many hats and juggling a multitude of jobs, never stopping, always filling freelance bookings from where ever we were in the world!  

May 2015 – took the plunge, got a London office and decided to find some help. Found the best help in our Senior Consultant Fulvia Consonni who was one of our first hires and has enjoyed true success here at Union Jackson, working beautifully with many of our top clients! 

"These 4 years at Union Jackson have been an amazing journey, rich in success, strong relationships with clients and candidates, continuous learning opportunities and experiences! They say the lucky ones are those who find passion in their job, at Union Jackson we are even luckier, as we do what we love with people we love!"  

July 2018 we took on Resham Akhtar, our trainee and less than two years later, she’s proved to be an absolute natural!

"Union Jackson has become more than a job for me, I feel as if we are a family here!  My role has given me a wealth of skills as well as confidence to grow outside of the job, and for that I am eternally grateful. The opportunities to learn and develop are plentiful- I joined without any Creative Recruitment experience and have been fortunate to have a team that encourages me to push myself more every day, what I have achieved in a small amount of time, and how it has changed my life is indescribable. We all love what we do here at Union Jackson and I believe it’s the reason why we are so successful."

4 offices later, many pizza’s eaten, countless Friday Proseccos popped, 10s of thousands freelancers & permanent candidates placed, working closely with over 200 incredible companies – we’ve built some amazing relationships and can proudly say that, many of which we’ve worked with since day one!  

We may be small, but we are MIGHTY and we have plans to be even more mighty soon!! Watch this space…

Here’s a HUGE thank you to our best team ever and to all of our candidates and clients who have helped make this possible. We are a very happy and are immensely proud of what we do and appreciate working with such diverse, interesting and talented people. 

See you in 2020 for 10 more years….