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Posted on 3/12/2019 by Resham Akhtar

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Graphic Design has played a vital role in inspiring the biggest and most important elections of the last few years, from campaign billboards, to logos, slogans and animated GIFs.

With the political climate constantly changing, it’s no surprise that there’s been a huge shift in the dynamic between design and politics too.

Visual communication is reinvigorating and transforming campaigns, as well as having a profound impact on voting.

With the rise of social media and the internet taking precedence over traditional forms of campaigning, design has become much more than a placard outside your home, or a poster taped to your window, design has allowed the conversation to be more inclusive, impactful and influential.

This can be seen in the race up to the UK General Election on December 12, where all parties have taken to social media to boost their followings using targeted memes and video content.

This influence would not exist without the use of graphic design, and you the designer.

According to Lucienne Roberts of GraphicDesign& the use of social media and design has totally transformed the general public’s involvement in politics, “affecting the production, control and reach of political messaging – and its visual forms.” 

With all this in mind, we at Union Jackson wonder “if design is such an important factor in defining political landscapes, surely the designers are also a key factor?”

According to Creative Review, in the UK General Election, “support for progressive politics is far more noticeable in the creative community than pro-Conservative messages are” but “surveys have revealed that not all creative people are left leaning.”

Is there any truth to this?

There’s only one way to find out… -

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