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...2019 - A Retrospective

Posted on 16/12/2019 by Resham Akhtar

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It’s that time again to wrap up the year, do some reflecting, and get ready for 2020...

When you really think about it, every new year tends to start more or less the same way: Fresh starts. While that’s true, 2019 was something special for us for a few reasons.

The most notable event of our year has to be moving into our gorgeous new offices. In February, we officially moved to Fulham, and things have never looked better for us! We have loved the addition of Love-Dog in the office which has added a massive positive force, leading us to call her our ‘lucky charm’!

We can’t possibly talk about our highlights of the year without talking about our incredible team. Here at UJ we are more than just colleagues, we are a tight-knit family who work collaboratively. If the year has proven anything to us, is that we have mastered the skill of combining our individual strengths to achieve our goals, and we have recognised that this is the key to our strength and success!

There is no doubt that the market this year has been pretty tough. Although, we have seen a shift in recruitment trends as clients have favoured the permanent route rather than freelance, which reassures us that business confidence is strong. Freelance has always been our main area and has remained consistently busy for us, as we have seen a big push towards more digital, social and video. 

We have been fortunate to work with some incredible new clients in new and exciting sectors for UJ. This has encouraged us to put our thinking caps on and solve problems we hadn’t faced before. This year, we went knee-deep into industries that included the biggest names in Entertainment, Retail and Film. UJ is moving with the times! 

It has been said that variety is the spice of life, and it definitely sparks our creativity and drive here at UJ HQ. We genuinely love to explore new areas, think out of the box and solve different problems together. Each year is a new learning curve but 2019 has been the best one yet.

So, you’ve heard about some personal highlights this year, but what now?

What does 2020 hold for Union Jackson…?

We are well-armed and ready to face the challenges with the IR35 legislation, and with the Brexit and election uncertainty out of the way we are keen to move the company forward. We are confident the New Year will bring new opportunities and enable us to grow the team.