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...Need help in how write to a SH*T HOT CV?

Posted on 8/11/2018 by Resham Akhtar


We look at CVs all day, every day. We know how you can write a SH*T HOT CV to bag your dream job! Allow us to help you :-) 

When a potential employer asks to see your CV they’re really looking for ONE thing - proof you are the ideal candidate to invest time and money in!

Your CV should be pinpointing your unique selling points (USPs), whether you’re an expert or a novice, we have a few hints and tips to help create a sh*t hot CV that will get you the job you want.

  1. The first and probably the most obvious rule is remembering to include your name, number, location & email address. You would be amazed how many people forget this vital step… Recruiters aren’t detectives, we can’t find this information! Please make sure location is there, as we are often looking for candidates in specific areas.
  2. The universal rule is that your CV should be no longer that two pages - don’t waffle!… People don’t have time to read huge paragraphs, they need to see ‘buzz words’ – skills, sectors & disciplines.
  3. We recommend having a really clear profile section. This should cover your career HIGHLIGHTS at the top of your CVMake sure it’s all there, most employers know within 10 seconds of looking at a CV if they want to know more, so a strong profile is key!
  4. Structure is very important! You want to have very clear dates explaining exactly where you worked and exactly what you did there, usually this will be no more than 5 bullet points… This really needs to be a concise list of all the awesome things you have achieved whilst at a role, making sure it is wholly relevant to the job you have applied for.
  5. Do you have key skills that are vital to the role? You really need to make sure you list all the tools you can use… If you don’t note down a skill, people will assume you haven’t done it.
  6. Format and style are very important. Don't 'over design' your CV using fancy fonts! Whilst it looks great on your screen, most recruiters don’t have the same typefaces and it will just look messy... Conclusion – Your CV is your shop window, it needs to look good. Advice – clean, white space, simple typography, no need for your photo!
  7. If you are sending your portfolio, make sure the resolution is excellent and you write a synopsis of the brief & solution (and your input if necessary) next to each project... If it's a large campaign or a branding project, do show it in it's entirety as well as your ideas/concepts - people love this! And do put some self-initiated projects in there if you need to show your skills in other areas - this makes you look good! 

We hope this helps! GOOD LUCK!

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