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...Top 15 Trends In Graphic Design

Posted on 31/05/2018 by Julia Jackson

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Top 15 Trends In Graphic Design That Will Make A Splash

Change is the only constant and this is entirely true when it comes to trends in graphic design. Retro designs concepts are on comeback mode, adding to the emerging trends. Here is an interesting pick of the top fifteen design trends for 2018:- 

Variety is the spice of color – multiple color themes

Sweeping through the graphic design trends are the multiple color themes that brands are experimenting with.

Going social with more social media images

Visuals need to engage, and nothing can do it better than social media images that are making a splash in graphic design.

The mystery of cropped typography

Cropped typography is the little sideshow in a graphic design that can be a showstopper of its own with stunning effect.

Adding more depth with 3D still life

The latest concept in 3D, still life has made the 3rd dimension a lot more interesting, turning into one of the hottest graphic design trends.

Getting creative with single color 3D elements

Single color 3D renditions of objects have a classy edge, as 3D objects stand out without the distraction of contrasting background colors.

Refreshingly responsive logos

This is the era of mobiles and designers have rightly understood the need for scalable and refreshingly responsive logos.

Fonts in handwritten styles

Fonts in handwritten styles are a timeless classic, and they are back to bring tons of appeal to the designs.

Two-toned images for limitless creativity

By combining halftone printing with a contrasting hue, designers have opened up a while new avenue for creativity.

Retro color palettes

Retro hues and color combinations are making a strong comeback here throwing up exciting possibilities.

Bringing focus with GIFs

GIFs and animation in digital designs have the power of getting the recipient to focus more on the animated part.

Huge typefaces to make a strong impression

Big is back. Typefaces are bold and almost loud, cornering attention with large headline size lettering for maximum impact.

Bringing custom graphics back into creativity

The age of stock graphics had nudged custom graphics off centerstage. It is now back with a vengeance.

Getting candid with real life photos

Real life photography proves a point with its power to directly engage with users, establishing a strong connect.

Classic design styles

Contemporary designs had shelved classic vintage styles. They are now back in the limelight, showing why classic is timeless.

Atypical colors to mesmerize

Designers have begun to experiment with atypical colors to bring in a refreshing change to themes and designs.

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