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...How to make your graphic design portfolio STAND OUT

Posted on 5/02/2018 by Julia Jackson




Before you go off for job interviews, you want to make sure your portfolio is looking it's best, so it's really worth spending time on. So, we thought we’d help with some important pointers for presenting your graphic design portfolio to make sure you are creating the right impression.

  • Only show you’re best work. If you are not proud of the project don’t put it in there!
  • Your portfolio should look new & perfect (no old scrappy folders any more). Think about your format. Laptop is the generally norm now a days, although your finished print projects are also lovely to show, as long as they are high quality pieces and in mint condition.
  • Don’t show too much work. 10 - 15 projects max.
  • Only show recent work, the last 3 years being the most relevant.
  • Talk about how you got there, tell the story and don't just show one image of the end result.  People like to see your ideas and thought process so do show some.
  • Explain the project well and exactly what your input was.
  • If you did a redesign of something that existed before, it’s nice to see the “before” piece and so we can see how you have improved it.
  • It’s interesting to see concepts, it will show your range. Talk about which concept you liked the best.
  • This is your shop window, make sure we can see your typography skills, so good size images of your layout is important.
  • For freelance, a variety of work is key. The more skills we see, the more work we will think of you for. For permanent, we advise that you tailor your samples for the particular role.
  • Personal projects are good to show, just be mindful that it doesnt over shadow your commercial work.
  • Make sure you know how to present your work, so do practise before hand. Be enthusiastic and be careful not to go into too much detail and talk too much!

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