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...Print or Digital Portfolio? Which is the most effective when looking for a job?

Posted on 26/10/2017 by

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Technology influences everything around us, but how much should it influence your portfolio? This is the question many designers are asking themselves when they are applying for jobs. Are the old ways best? Or, should we all move in the direction of new creative technologies when presenting our portfolios?

Whether you’re a graphic designer, digital designer, an artworker, or an art director, print and digital portfolios both have their advantages… and disadvantages. There is sometimes an extreme benefit in having both print and digital covered, as you never know what a client wants to see.

If you design mostly in print it is probably best to present printed examples of your design. Print can be an experience, it can engage the user, we can touch it, and even smell it.

The digital world has its own advantages, there is the speed and accessibility. A digital portfolio can easily be shared, and a designer’s creativity can be quickly shown. A digital portfolio will allow a freelance designer to sell themselves at all times

To be honest, clients prefer both.


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