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...6 Signs You’re Ready to Be a Full-Time Freelance Designer

Posted on 19/01/2017 by Julia Jackson

Full Time Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer has crossed the minds of most graphic designers at some point in their career. It's a big, bold step and naturally you want to know if the right time is for you and if you are ready. If your are considering leaving your full time graphic design job and still have these questions about going freelance, this is a great article highlighting 6 important signs that you are ready to become a full time freelance designer:-

In addition it's worth considering that freelance work is often adhoc, very last minute and unreliable, you never know where you'll be from one week to the next and so your flexibility is paramount! 

If this is all YOU, what are you waiting for? Please call us for any questions or advice you may need:-