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...Who are the future graphic design stars...?

Posted on 7/11/2016 by Julia Jackson

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Germany's Vitra Design Museum exhibits the ECAL graphic design stars of tomorrow.

On until the 8th January 2017, the Design Museum will showcase an exhibit of work from the iconic design school, in ECAL Graphic Design. Type, Print Design, Digital Design, Stories. 

It's said these students are the graphic design stars of the future, whether it’s “the graphic design of books, catalogues, magazines or posters – ECAL students are able to embrace all facets of typography and the discipline.”

The exhibition and accompanying book, ECAL Graphic Design is an opportunity to view the upcoming trends of graphic design but also spot the scholar’s who will design the world around us in the future. The work runs alongside a selection of ECAL publications and design books presenting the internationally renowned heritage of Swiss graphic design education. The exhibit is a celebration of the graphic design we encounter everyday, “whether in magazines and books, on posters or on the internet.”

Take a peek for your viewing pleasure: