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...“Brexit 2”: What does Trump’s win mean for US designers?

Posted on 16/11/2016 by Julia Jackson

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Design Week speaks to US-based graphic designers and Creative Agencies about how one of the most controversial presidential wins in history will affect the design & creative industry.

Its speculated that the number of freelancers may increase as design is devalued:

Trump wants to cut corporate tax from 35% to 15%, and wants to remove regulation, which aims to create more jobs for Americans, and in theory means businesses would keep more of their profits and would have more freedom over hiring creative professionals. Nurko says increased freedom could “fuel the freelance economy”, but this may not be a good thing given Trump’s neglect to mention creativity in any of his proposed business policies.

“I don’t believe Trump’s a huge supporter of the graphic design industry, he measures what campaigns and marketing are worth by results. You could see the freelance world experiencing a boom, but you’re not going to see wages increase.”

This apathy is likely to apply to creative education, too, he says: “You’re not going to get the domestic designers and thinkers if you don’t have a strong creative education investment.”

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