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...Is it time to stop moaning about Brexit and just get on with it?

Posted on 14/07/2016 by Anthony Jackson


Just thought I would post this interesting reply to the following...

"I don't usually bother getting involved with this kind of stuff, but you people need to get a (expletive removed) grip! 

While you are running around in Headless Chicken mode, there are plenty of others rubbing their hands figuring out how to exploit the fact that the country is going in a new direction. 

UK design services are bought by clients all over the world based on TALENT, EXPERTISE and INNOVATION.

Clients happily pay a premium for this already so if you are concerned you are going to lose business because of some 'tariff,' your business model and margins are too thin to survive anyway. There are a multitude of Global issues that effect the creative service industry in the UK... this is just another. 

Getting anything done in the EU was like turning a supertanker... with 28 Captains on the bridge each shouting in a different language. 

We are not leaving Europe. We are leaving the EU, a bungling bureaucracy that can't even decide where its headquarters are going to be, so it shunts the entire machinery of government up & down the motorway between Brussels and Strasbourg once a month in a vast fleet of trucks."

So, is it time to stop moaning about Brexit and just get on with it?