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...Brexit: What does leaving the EU mean for designers?

Posted on 14/07/2016 by Anthony Jackson

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The UK public has voted for Leave in the EU referendum, with a 52% majority – we summarise what this could spell for the design industry.

After 43 years of membership, the UK has voted to leave the EU, with a majority of 52% of the electorate choosing Leave and only 48% backing Remain – a landmark event in the nation’s history.

While Remain won in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Leave garnered more of the votes in Wales and the rest of England. The voter turnout was 72%.

David Cameron has announced he will step down as prime minister from October, and the sterling has already dropped to its lowest value since 1985.

What does all of this spell for the creative industries? Designers and creative leaders have voiced their concerns about how Brexit could negatively impact design businesses – their main reasons being less access to international talent and to exports, loss of collaboration with consultancies abroad, and potential damage to intellectual property and design registration laws.

Others have noted that there could be a silver lining, with a possible “reduction in red tape” in regulation for businesses, and also more flexibility over grants and loans due to less restriction on state aid.

Here’s a summary of what creative business leaders think will be the main consequences of Brexit:

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